Does this sound familiar?


Your day begins with a cup of coffee and your neck bent down peering at your phone. Time to answer the emails you didn’t get to yesterday and make your priority to do list.

–  Add ticket sales to website.

–  Hire brand experience designer.

–  Create Facebook ads for event.

–  Go to investor happy hour mixer.


Solid list, let's finish those emails.


The phone rings. It’s your assistant informing you that the venue for your startup's launch event has cancelled. You were the person who  originally booked the venue, so, priority one changes to finding a new venue..

– Create an event one sheet to send.

– Draft booking request email copy.

– Create a target venue list with emails.

- Send booking requests to top 15.


Absolutely killing it! What's next?


You haven’t finished those emails from yesterday, but want to do something more fun, so you unlock your phone and open Instagram. Pretty great that part of your job can include liking and commenting on posts of  #doggosbeingdoggos.  

– Post photo of your dog wearing hat.

– Create an Instagram story #newPost.

– Reload the app every 5 minutes for the next hour to engage with your audience.


You’re on fire, now it’s time for lunch.


The answer is no, and now you're ready to go to the tech investor happy hour mixer you’ve been meaning to go to with the goal of inviting potential investors to your event. You get to the event feeling prepare to network.

Then you realize...

You’re on fire, now it’s time for lunch.

– Your marketing materials are inaccurate because the address is now wrong.

– People cannot purchase tickets or sign up for a waitlist online yet.

– You don’t want anyone to see your unpolished website just yet.


On top of that you keep getting asked…

How did you let this opportunity slip through your fingers?

– Can you send me your business plan?

– Do you have a media kit?

– Is your website finished?


1. Email Jess about cancellation.

2. Finish answering emails.

3. Approve event one sheet.


Zero stress. Zero Mess. More success.

4. Have lunch friend to catch up.

5. Approve updated marketing.

6. Post dog wearing hat & event.

7. Surf for a couple of hours.

8. Sign client to long contract.

9. Approve pre-launch website

10. Go to your mixer prepared and focused on your networking goals.


You aren’t the only one who experiences days like this. But take a look at what your day might be like if you have me as your OBM.

Are you ready?