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Let us help you live a creative life with branded eCommerce solutions for websites, social media, and digital marketing. 

As a launch partner, you will be paired with an online business manager to manage your online success. They’ll design and develop the branded eCommerce solutions you need.

An OBM, or online business manager, is a digital management professional, but to put it most simply they manage everything your brand needs to do online.

Your OBM comes with their own team of specialists as well as our network of hundreds of seasoned digital pros. When you’re ready they will work with you to build your own team and flourish.

When we launch this service it will cost $897/month, but as a launch partner you will enjoy all of the perks of this service for $197/month for 1 year!

You will meet with your OBM on a weekly basis depending on the schedule you set, but typically our OBMs try to have our client check ins every Monday.

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Track the progress of your OBM and team with tailored project reporting.



Review our progress and update strategy and goals as necessary.

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No, this isn’t the part where we tell you that it’s free, but as a launch partner, you will receive this monthly service at $197/month for 1 year (usually $897/month) as well as 15% off regular services FOREVER.

become a creative entrepreneur

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